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Medication Management Module
for Titan Smart World app


The project aimed to design a medication management module for users of India's first medical-grade smartwatch. This module, available as a companion app, allows users to monitor their own and their loved ones' medication courses. It also enables the sharing of medication reports with healthcare providers. Users or their well-wishers input data through the app, while the smartwatch assists by providing medication reminders and tracking adherence.


On the app's dashboard, users can view their medication schedule in a linear timeline. This central hub allows users to review past medication records, add new prescriptions, and designate well-wishers to share live data with.


Adding a prescription is the most intricate section of the medication management module. Various permutations and combinations of medication inputs are considered, as different medicines may be taken with meals, at fixed intervals, or on an as-needed basis. Additionally, the module accommodates a wide range of medication types and consumption methods, ensuring comprehensive and flexible medication management for users.

For Indian users, prescriptions are provided by doctors in a specific, commonly recognised format

Format to add the prescription times as per meal times

The Doctor’s Prescription

Prescription added
into the app

Representation on
the dashboard

Notifications and Data Sharing with Well-Wishers: 

Pill reminders and notifications are sent to the user's phone and watch. Users can share health reports, including medication records and other health metrics, with their doctors and well-wishers. Well-wishers can access live medication data to monitor the health of their care-seekers. The data-sharing ecosystem is designed to be highly intuitive, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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