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Animating the Devanagari type


Animating a text is a new trend in the typographical world. I tried animating the Devanagari type with the context of the message the words deliver. The purpose of this experiment is to figure out the possibilities of animation is Devanagari letterforms.

काल करें सो आज कर . . . A Doha by Saint Kabir


'Waqt' is a poem by Javed Akhtar a well-known hindi and Urdu poet. The  poem is about the relativity and existence of time.

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A line from a song  'Idher chala mai udhar chala' from a hindi movie 'Koi mil gaya' 

The letterform is animated as a protagonist in the song

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The song 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To' from the movie '1942 A Love Story'

The word 'Jaise'  is pronounced seven times differently by the singer.

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